Meet The Team

The Friendly Team of Chorley Auction House...

Run on Knowledge, Experience & Coffee

Mark Taylor & Nicola Sconce

"Let's Talk About Napoleon Or The American Civil War"

Company Director & Owner of Chorley Auction House. 'Knowledge is the Bomb' and Mark has it in abundance, we don't like to admit it too much

but what Mark doesn't know about Coins, Militaria, Ceramics & Precious Stones / Metals can probably wait another day.

Mark's Love of Dogs is clearly evidential, so If you do happen to bring Snuffles in for a visit, be prepared for them to take centre stage. Mark's motivation towards the success of Chorley Auction House is influential and at the Heart of his Business Development are the Customers. The utmost due care, attention and support is given to everyone, enabling them to make the right and informed decisions when Buying & Selling at Chorley Auction House.  

Coffee - Cow Enhanced with 1 Sugar.


 "Ci piacerebbe invitarti a unirti a noi alla Chorley Auction House"

Company Director & Owner of Chorley Auction House. Nicola is the Mama Italiano but most definitely English !

Nicola is fluent in the Language of Italy and has the watchful eye of a Sicilian Mafioso.

Her love of Dogs is shared with her partner Mark (Above) and are very often the topic of conversation. 

Nicola's knowledge is incredible (for the vast array of items that come in for auction) and she takes great care in providing ALL customers with an exceptional level of customer service and expert support.

Coffee - Mostly Cow con niente !





The Saleroom Layout & Logistics Guru ! What Geoff can do 'display wise' with a plethora of soft toys, electricals and furniture is mind boggling but crucial in the logistical sale process. In terms of the cabinet layouts of Jewellery, Ceramics, Coins and Glass... his creativity brings stunning results. Geoff takes exceptional pride and care in ensuring these are 'just so' ! He's been with us for approximately 3 years and is a prolific friendly face 'Front of House'. A keen baker (We love his cakes !) how he works without coffee is beyond us.



Paula is 'Hot On It' in the office - The one on the right as soon as you enter the Saleroom. Paula's expertise is in HR, Book Keeping, Finance, Customer Relations and brings a calming influence to the work zone. Paula is one of your main point of contacts and the one who will receive your payments, provide you with your well earned money from sales and leaves you full of confidence that CAH is the only place to Buy & Sell your goods at auction ! Unfortunately this morning she was also wearing her preferred cup of coffee... #spillageintheoffice #oops #coffeedisaster (sorry about that !). Coffee Black with 2. 



Debbie (Business Administrative Assistant) - Laser Sharp Business Sense !! Debbie Had only been here a week and bagged herself a new Desktop PC with a Bang & Olufsen sound she knows what she wants and how she'll get it ! Watch out if you've not paid your bill in time.... I reckon she'd bite ! Coffee in a large bowl with one of those sweetener things. I made the mistake of only filling it up half full. I now walk with a limp !



Autumn by name and nature but she's no shrinking violet ! Autumn has been with the Chorley Auction House for approximately 2-3 years and is a colourful character with a whirlwind wintery chill if you cross her. She's a tour de force in the photographic zone and is responsible for creating those stunning photo images of all your sale items for auction. Make sure you dust and clean them though ... her close up shots are as crisp an autumn morning. Coffee? "no thanks" ! Autumn’s is Water... That’s it .. the clear stuff !




Connor is our Photographer and Marketing Magnifioso. He started in September and has been honing his skills with the camera ever since, producing some incredible photos that give the great items we sell justice. Connor has a degree in Software Engineering meaning he's a wizard with a computer, which comes in handy when Mark and Geoff are confused about using 21st Century technology. I've never seen a warm drink in Connor's hand so he must be just like Geoff, his father, who can exist without the aid of Coffee which still boggles all of our minds.



I always wonder if she's ever in! Michelle is ultra organised and means business, yet buried deep in the packing & distribution room, it's often hard to see her for the exceptional quantity of packing (large scale) she gets through in a day. Your purchases are quite honestly in fantastic hands with Michelle. Diligently wrapped to protect items for even the shortest of journeys, Michelle takes every care... but some of those boxes and outgoing pallets weigh a considerable amount!! How does she achieve this? Coffee!... but Hardcore! Michelle has her own stash of quality coffee, designed for the physical demands of Chorley Auction House. White (ish) with one sweet cube. 



Sarah is a cheerful worker that is always pleased to help out however she can, even though she may have no idea what's going on, she'll still try no matter what. She can come across a tad bit timid at first but don't let that dim façade fool you, she can be steadfast, and at the same time, irresolute. Sarah spends most of the day in the showroom on the phone, in fact, she will most likely be the voice you end up hearing if you were to give the business phone a call (it's either that or you'll have to put up with Geoff, and trust me, you'll want Sarah more than Geoff). The ever-helpful, yet sometimes incapable Sarah likes her Coffee sweet, with two sugars!



Rhys (Reece)

Rhys is a guy of far Northern heritage and is the guy who likes to do many things such as moving items in and out of the backrooms, assist with photography, booking in items and many more! Though the things he seems to like doing, more than others, are boring repetitive tasks such as going through each and every image taken in a week and renaming plus rotating the image correctly (if you find an image that's not rotated correctly, go easy on him, he goes through roughly 1.5K photos within the space of 3 days). Rhys is a great help around the office and backrooms, helping anyone with what they need and he's most likely the person offering to help unload items from your car when you come to book in on the RIGHT side of the building. Rhys' only potential let down is that he has a record "breaking" streak with fragile items. Rhys likes to not ask for a coffee but I'm pretty sure it's a Mocha for this Scotsman!