PackIT & Go

Posted On: 28 May 2021 by David Faulkner

Don't Forget Your Packaging Materials !


We Sell A Range Of Packaging Products


Ideal For When You Collect Your Items and Want To Sell or Gift Them On To Someone.

So Here's A Reminder:


The Auctions Done, You've Paid On Time,
You Arrive To Collect And Wait In Line,
For Geoff To Bring Those Goods You've Won,
And Take Them Home We Hope In One.

The Problem Can Arise That Some Might Break,
So Worry Note We've Got The Things To Take,
With 'PackIT & Go' We Have Lots To Proffer,
So Allow Us Here To Make This Offer.

Of Bubble Wrap, Envelopes, Packing Tape Too.
Available To Buy, It's All Brand New !
So When You Come Just Ask Us Here
To Add To Your Bill It Isn't Dear !

It's Cheap You See, The Best In Town
So Order Some Now And Get On Down !

You Can Also Order and Pay Online

01257 239002



Written by a Giraffe.