Let's Re-Meet The SUPER BUSY Team

Posted On: 04 Jun 2021 by David Faulkner

Who's Who At Chorley Auction House


If it's been a while since you've visited....


It's About Time You Did !


Dale's Gone, Tom's Arrived, Debbie's New and We're still alive.

Michelle's In Packing, Autumns Snacking, when lunch-time comes she's off not slacking !

But Geoff's Out Front, David's napping he's in an office where phones are lacking!

Marks on fire, Paula's in, she keeps things running to the brim,

and Nicola...well....she'll run the show, with Mark she's everywhere and on the go !


Come join us at this crazy place where Deals are done at a Cracking Pace !




Did You Know....

Giraffes only sleep around 20 minutes or less per day, according to PBS Nature. Staying awake most of the time allows them to be constantly on alert for predators. They usually get their sleep in quick power naps that last just a couple of minutes.