Chorley Auction House


Items can be brought into the Auction House to present for sale or a FREE no Obligation appraisal during the following hours.

Monday  12pm till  3pm
Tuesday   9am  till  7pm
Wednesday  9am  till 12pm
 Thursday  9am  till 12pm


Appointments Can be made Outside these Hours.   


We will then fully Catalogue, Photograph and present your items via our sale room and our international online Bidding Platform.


Please do not hesitate to telephone us and arrange a FREE home visit valuation for Antique items and for large general items please email us photographs to or bring the photographs in to the sale room.


Monday's Antiques and Collectibles Sale: 18%* plus 60p* lotting fee and 18p Insurance per lot per sale

Items are placed into sales solely at the discretion of the Auctioneer

All lots are subject to a minimum commission charge of 60p* per lot sold in addition to any lotting and Insurance fee's.

All lots receive complementary web illustrations in our fully illustrated online catalogue and are LIVE on the Internet around the World in Real-time on

Private collections or higher value items negotiable commission rate

UNSOLD LOTS are subject to lotting fees and must be collected by 1pm of the Saturday following their second Auction, any items not collected after 2 weeks will be disposed of at the vendors expense.

PAYMENT to the vendor is made within ten days.

VALUATIONS we can provide written Valuations for insurance, probate or family division.

HOUSE CLEARANCE SERVICES Full professional house clearance service... click here

*VAT Applies